The Makers Collective leverages the ATLAS Institute's BTU Lab, where people get together to tinker, create, experiment and educate each other! The group aims to bridge the gap between the arts and sciences by serving the community through workshops that teach various skills including, but not limited to: electronics, physical computing, interaction design, lighting design, programming, and building/fabrication. We also seek to create a diverse and highly-interdisciplinary environment for collaboration. We see the Makers Collective as way for people from incredibly different academic backgrounds to work together in ways that would not happen in a traditional classroom environment.

Club Meets every Tuesday at 5:30pm in the BTU Lab.


To get on our email list, just click the envelope to the left, or send an email to: makerscollective@colorado.edu

To join our facebook group, click the F to the left, or visit http://tinyurl.com/MakersCollective